Chicago's landscape is like nothing I've encountered before. It's incredibly urban, but even in the nicer neighborhoods and parts of town (save for the loop), it's nothing extravagant. Every building stands on it's own, humbled by the surrounding parts, and yet still stating it's claim and scuffing up the territory. Maybe that's why I like it so much, it doesn't overstate itself and it's wonderfully down to earth. Hip restaurants stand proudly next to small liquor stores, Dollar Trees, and family-owned pizza shops. Large theaters house everyone from equity names that draw crowds from all over, to small, scrappy companies trying to chisel out a name for themselves on the marquee. It's a city where hard work is rewarded more often than luck, and once you know one person, you know everyone. It's inspiring in a homegrown, paint peeling from the walls, windows cracking open while doors are swinging on their hinges, kind of way.

This week I contacted a whole bunch of theaters about using their spaces for our spring show, as well as kept up on the upcoming grants. I helped Kirstin babysit her daughter, Margot, which I do every Friday, but we also went to the Art Institute of Chicago last Wednesday to look at specific pieces that her class is going to study (she teaches at Morton College). The Institute is truly amazing, I forget how much wonderful art there is, and you could spend days looking at everything. It was nice to get out and explore some more! We also walked through the Magnificent Mile and Grant Park as we were in the loop, though it was a bit chilly!

This upcoming week I have some reading to do to decide which radio play we are going to do for a reading with The Danish Home, as well as keep on trying to find a space for our show, and compile a list of industry folk Akvavit has ties to so we can invite them to our shows.

Filming for Chicago Justice was awesome!!!! I loved being on set (as cold as it was) and I definitely won't get cut out of the episode, because it's about my death! And figuring out who kills me! So look for yours truly the season finale! (It's not airing until May) One of my friends from Elon was also there, which was crazy, it's such a small world! It was great to catch up with him, though, and have a friend on set.

I also went to see Improvised Shakespeare with some friends at iO, which was hilarious. Although I do have to say I wish the improv team had a few more diverse members. The aesthetic of it is a bit (all) white and a bit (all) male.

Here are some fun photos taken at the Institute and at the restaurant we went to after. I just love the one of Margot with Nutella on her face, she looks like a little puppy!