Spring in February in Chicago in the world

The weather has been so unusually warm the past week, and not just in Chicago, but all over. It makes me seriously worried for our planet, but I also selfishly love it because the sun makes me incredibly happy. And what a happy week it has been! From meetings to readings to friends to teacher training, the beautiful weather has brought with it a bounty of joy and gratitude for the new beginnings in my life. I'm really starting to feel like Chicago is home, a place that I want to spend time in and be with, somewhere I can come back to and know that I'm loved and safe. Not to reiterate too much, but it helps that everyone (okay well mostly everyone) in the theater and yoga communities here are truly invested in helping each other out. Even when I went to a get together where I only knew one person, it was with ease that I was able to sit and talk with complete strangers about our mutual love of theatre and art and collaboration. I went to a staged reading of a new play called The Zionists, with the company Silk Road Rising, and afterwards the audience was able to have an open and honest discussion and exploration of what the play meant. How Jewish communities are connected to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and what it means for Jews living in Chicago as well as in Jerusalem, how we deal with war in the modern era.

I've been attempting to find the space where Akvavit will perform our spring show, and we've had a few meetings to talk about who will work on the project, when it will be, and how it's going to be done. The process definitely needs to be expedited, as we are so short on time, but it's coming together. I'll be a part of the general casting when we have an open call in April, and they are also going to hire me to be their spring production manager, with some guidance and mentorship of course, and I'm excited to learn all about it and take on this new role. We also had a company reading of a play that's being seriously considered for the fall, The Stylists, and I absolutely love it so I really hope it's chosen. It's a wonderful feminist examination of what it means to be a woman, and how relationships, appearance, and even changing identities form what a woman is. Also very meta, the play examines how others influence and even dictate our lives, even though we may seem to be in control. Needless to say, I think it would be a killer show to produce.

Last night was the first night of the 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training that I will be completing over the next 8 weeks! It's going to be a lot of work but I'm ready to take this next step on my yogic journey and really dig deep into my compassionate and disciplined self.

I have a call back this weekend for a play about Marie Curie so hopefully that will go well! Other than that, I've just been going to a few auditions, spending time with new friends, and recovering from this weird cold (that I think was brought on by the sudden change of weather). It's been so nice, I walked to the lake front with a friend the other night and we just watched the waves crashing around in the distance. I can't wait for the summer when I can spend all day on the beach/run along lakeshore drive/gaze out into the water. I'm not letting my cold get me down, though, as the feelings of joy and gratitude abound within me for the new developments in my life!