Nearing the End

It's incredibly strange to think that graduation is only a short month away. Part of me is surprised at how quickly time has passed, but that's always how we feel when any kind of time has passed at all. We are always shocked by how quickly it has gone, even when each day felt like it would never end. Once again I am back to pondering time, and how strange it can be. The stretch of life is long and unknown, and yet the span of what has past grows each breath we take. I recently saw Uncle Vanya at the Goodman Theatre, and there's nothing like a Chekov play to remind you of your suffering existence and make you question every choice you've made. But there's also nothing like a Chekov play to inspire you to live in each breath you take and not waste a single one. The entirety of the show was astounding, from the lights, sound, and decaying set, to each of the actors so specific and different from one another, it was a truly inspiring and sentimental production.

With everything finalized for our summer show, Akvavit is gearing up for auditions for Hitler on the Roof. I'm so excited to begin this next step, as I feel like we've already done so much work, but the hardest part is yet to come. Once auditions are over, I will transition into being a co-production manager, and I think my intern-duties will begin to dwindle. We are going to be in a totally re-vamped theater space, which will be perfect, and I'm jazzed up about all of the raucous clowning and crazy subject matter of the show. It's going to be a unique and poignant piece.

I got a job with a babysitting/nannying service in Chicago where I can make and manage my own schedule, which is the perfect job for an actor! I'm excited to start meeting some families and working with kids. Yoga Teacher Training is also wonderful, we are in the sixth week now (what?!) and practicing teaching a lot. So many classes, my body is exhausted from all of the work, but it's been worth it. My practice has changed a lot, and I notice how when I come to my mat it's much easier to just let go and only focus on the yoga. With all of the big changes happening in my life, it's been great to have yoga as a place of comfort and somewhere to come back to. That's important, no matter how slowly or quickly life passes by, we all need a baseline. A place we know will be there for us.