A case of shows. A showing of cases. Cases of suits! Cases of talent! Cases of wine! Just kidding, merely a showcase of our work and who we are. It was a great experience for me, I had a lot of fun. In reality all it is is one audition for a few people all at the same time. It's hard to not put a lot of expectation or wondering around the whole event, seeing as how it's an audition that we've been practicing and perfecting for months now. In a lot of ways it makes sense for us to to feel like it's a new beginning, an official end to our undergraduate actor training, and an official start to our careers. But I've already been to many auditions, had callbacks for some, and plan on going to many more. I submitted for a few agencies in Chicago, and whether I hear back or not, I am doing something to further my career.

Putting pressure on yourself to be an incredible artist right out of school is an easy thing to do. But it's not the most productive, because while you can control how much you prepare for something, what you do in the audition room, and how often you put yourself out there, you can't control other people. Getting others to believe in your artistry and your artistic capabilities is one of the hardest things to do. For some it happens right away, for others it takes time. I am incredibly proud of my class for doing great work and fully putting ourselves out there. Seeing everyone on their A-game performing one last time will forever be one of my favorite moments. Our time will come. If we want to be teachers, or writers, or go to graduate school, or solely pursue performing, the important part is to keep pushing forward.